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Triple Crowned Gear Coupling

ZURR Gear Couplings are famous for their High Torque to Size Ratio thus offering a compact assembly capable of transmitting high loads at high speeds. The design of these Gear Couplings is such that it accommodates - Radial, Axial and Combined Radial and Angular misalignments of the connecting shafts.

 ZURR Gear Couplings are manufactured on precision CNC Machines and consist of hubs with Multi Crowned Teeth at Flank, Tip and Chamfering on teeth. The Multi Crowned teeth reduces the chances of any alignment mis-adjustment and improve the Load Carrying capacity of the Teeth.

 These Gear Couplings are supplied in 3 forms :- RIGID , HALF RIGID & HALF FLEXIBLE AND FULLY FELIXBLE GEARED COUPLING in various Shape & Sizes.
» Full Gear Coupling with Integral » Full Gear Coupling » Half Rigid Half Flexible Gear
» Mill Motor Type Gear Coupling » Half Rigid Half Gear Brake » Full Gear Brake Drum
» Axial Travel Type Gear » Shear Pin Type Gear » Vertical Mounting Gear
» Spacer Type Gear Coupling » Single Sleeve Type Gear » Float Shaft Type Gear Rigid
» Float Shaft Type Gear Geared » Half Rigid Half Gear Disc » Sliding Type Gear Coupling
» Spindle Type Coupling    




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